myVRE Released!

myVRE Feature Graphic

DroidMonkey Apps is pleased to announce the release of myVRE! This app allows you to track the Virginia Railway Express train system and offers many benefits over the competitors. Some of the features of this app are:

  1. Homescreen widget customized for your daily trains
  2. List view to see all running trains’ status
  3. Map view to see where trains are on their route
  4. Minimum data usage through smart track technology
  5. Notice of next stop and estimated arrival time including delays
  6. All VRE routes are tracked using live GTFS feed

myVRE is the most comprehensive tracking app on Android for the Virginia Railway Express. This is the ONLY app with a fully functional homescreen widget display tailored to the trains that you take every day.

With myVRE you will be aware of train delays just by looking at your home screen! No more fumbling around trying to find your train on the web or other app. This app makes it easy and efficient.

Go get it now during the release promotion sale and enjoy FREE UPDATES when new features are added in the near future!

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MoveBlue v2.1 Released!

MoveBlue Icon



DroidMonkey Apps is pleased to present the latest version of MoveBlue! We have made a ton of updates based on your feedback. Here are the specifics:

  1. Enhanced action bar in Map View that is user friendly and intuitive
  2. Added a bus stop display to show all buses going through the stop you select
  3. Added visual queues to various places for route recognition
  4. Time text will turn red signaling a bus is arriving in < 2 min
  5. Fresh new landscape layout in Map View
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Enough jibber jabber, let’s let the pictures do the talking:

MoveBlue v2.0 Released!

MoveBlue IconIt is with great pleasure that we release version 2 of MoveBlue. It has been more than 6 months since we first released MoveBlue and your feedback, bus reports, and dedication have motivated us to reach farther then we thought possible.

This version brings a whole new user interface that makes it easier to get to the information you want to see right away. It also brings stability enhancements and data optimization to ensure you are looking at the latest information for more accurate usage.

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MoveBlue v1.1.0 Released

You sent in your feedback and we listened. Version 1.1.0 of MoveBlue now works on Android 1.6+ and improves on the following:

1) Removed a couple of obscure crashes

2) Added improved interface features such as new ways to sort routes

3) Buses are smaller and scale with zoom more appropriately

Please continue to share our application with your friends on facebook by clicking the share button. Also, we love the feedback and reviews so let us know what you think! It keeps us going and improves your experience at the same time.

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MoveBlue Released!

MoveBlue Splashscreen

MoveBlue Splashscreen

Main Map Display

Main Map Display

MoveBlue is a free application which allows students and staff of the University of Michigan to get real-time campus bus tracking and route information on their android phones.

Get it here: Android Market

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